Coroner’s Inquest


On May 16, 2024 David Eby has announced that he will direct a coroner’s inquest investigating the details of Sidney’s tragic death.

Draft transcript of the debate in the BC legislature, 16 May, 2024:

Hon. D. Eby:  “This is an absolutely horrific situation for Sidney’s family, for her friends. The timeline of events is profoundly disturbing, reconstructed by Sidney’s family. They have the 911 call, which they’ve listened to. Which…. I can’t even imagine what that would be like as a parent. I’ve had a very brief conversation with Sidney’s mom, who has been advocating for her daughter — that her daughter’s death is not in vain, that it results in reform and that what their family is going through is not repeated.

The Solicitor General will be directing a coroner’s inquest. The point of the coroner’s inquest will be to get the answers for Sidney’s family, absolutely — to get answers for British Columbians and to get answers for this place to make sure that we’re doing all we can to prevent every death that we can in this terrible toxic drug crisis that has taken so many lives and damaged so many families. I’ve stood a number of times here and explained our twin goals: to keep people alive — to make sure that they’re able to survive — and to support them in recovery while ensuring safe communities.

Sidney’s death is horrible. It is a death that is preceded by thousands of other deaths and affected families and friends. This toxic drug crisis is a public health crisis. It is a tragedy. It’s hard to think the case that better illustrates that tragedy than the death of such a remarkable young person as Sidney.”

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